Use multiple languages

Extend your reach

Bridge your clients

Bridge your clients

Publish and sell documents online

Publish and sell documents online

White Label Document Portal

Super Flexible Designer

Clone elements

Create advanced forms

Create advanced forms

Import templates

Digitize any document

Digitize any document

Work for two

Digitizing can cut more than half the time spent on document creation.

White Label

Publish documents on your own branded solution and your own domain within 24 hours.


Create beautiful documents and interactive forms with the Designer.

Bring your clients in close

Extend your website with a document portal and start saving time when creating documents for internal use and start selling them to your customers. You will bring your clients in real close and create a lock in effect – Your clients won’t go anywhere else in the future.

All documents and forms can be digitized with our Designer.

Let your client choose the document, fill-in the interactive form, pay, digitally sign and download – It’s that easy! You can also choose to review the document after payment and price it differently.

Live demo

Take the live demo for a spin and experience the intuitive document process first hand.

The demo is white labeled to Documendos brand and have the following documents setup for testing:

  • Power of attorney
  • PEP & EU sanction validation

Like what your see? We can create a similar solution for your business within 24 hours so you can start saving time and start bringing your clients in close.


Documendo develops visionary digital solutions that changes the way we work and think.

We help companies to bridge their clients and extend their reach by digitizing and publishing their documents on a white label platform.

Our goal is to be the link between the company and the user/client so everybody has access to advanced services whenever they want. Our service eliminates the use of paper and helps eliminate fear of lawyers – That makes us proud.

  • Nordic Tech

    Our solution is crafted by passionate and skilled Nordic developers and designers. They work hard every day to ensure an innovative and intuitive solution that is easy to work with.

  • Grow your business

    We enable your business to expand your reach with a white label solution. Ensure your market shares and go beyond.

  • Super fast

    Create your own documents within minutes or create new templates in our designer. It’s a breeze.

  • Multiple languages

    Our solution is for everybody and can be launched in any language in any country and has support for multiple nationalities from one country.

Mobile ready

Most documents are still created during work hours from a laptop or desktop, but the process is trending towards phones and tablets.

Our solution is fully responsive and works on any device. Create documents on the go when ever you want!

What others say about us

I am impressed by the ease of the solution and the result! The solution is intuitive and flexible so the documents can be tailored to our needs.

We expect the new time saving process will quickly return the time invested into the solution.

Niels Grove JensenPartner and lawyerKLAR lawyers
We had been scanning the market for a solution to generate legal document for a while and when we met Documendo there was no doubt! Their solution combined with an advantageous businessmodel is by far the best solution we have come across.
Their team is extremely effective in implementing our needs – allmost faster than they could be formulated.
Documendo performs so well that it has become part of our core strategy.
Kim G. HansenPartner and lawyerSynchlaw

Contact us

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

If you have questions or would like to book a meeting we are standing by to answer you request straight away!

  • Name: Anders Risager
  • Mail:
  • Phone: +45 42 40 12 82
  • Address: Klausdalsbrovej 601, 2750 Ballerup – DK
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